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Urology Specialist Q & A

Dr. Adel W. Mohamed treats men and women suffering from bladder prolapse, kidney stones, or urinary incontinence near Oliver, NC. He also specializes in erectile dysfunction treatment, prostate cancer treatments, and affordable, quick, and effective vasectomy procedures for men who are looking for permanent birth control alternatives. Call now or schedule an appointment online.

Urology Specialist Near Oliver, NC
Urology Specialist Near Oliver, NC

Mohamed & Associates Urology is one of North Carolina’s premier practices where you can see a quality urology specialist. Our specialist is Dr. Adel Mohamed MD. He’s able to see patients of any sex and age, including children and seniors, and provide comprehensive care with the most modern procedures available. Anything from urinary tract infection treatment to vasectomies can be provided. Contact our clinic to learn more about us and our urology specialist near Oliver, NC!

What is a urology specialist?

This kind of specialist treats disorders and diseases of the urinary tract and the reproductive system. The specialist is able to address issues with the bladder, prostate, testes, penis, urethra, kidneys, or adrenal glands, or a related area of the body. At our clinic, our urology specialist can see adults, seniors, and children, so you can come see us yourself or bring in a loved one of any age for treatment. The doctor can also provide vasectomies for men who want one.

What diseases does a urologist treat? Should you see a urologist for prostate health?

A urologist is able to treat any issue with any of the areas of the body we mentioned above, including the prostate. Some of the many issues we can treat here at Mohamed & Associates Urology include:

  • Incontinence
  • Bladder prolapse
  • Infertility
  • Kidney disease
  • ED (erectile dysfunction)
  • Kidney stones
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Enlarged prostates
  • And related issues

A urologist can even help a patient with bladder or prostate cancer. You’ll need to see a urologist if you have either of those conditions or any of the others we listed above. In addition to treating all of those issues in patients, a urologist can provide vasectomies for the most effective birth control. When necessary, certain other surgical procedures can be provided by a urologist.

Can I go directly to a urologist without a referral?

Generally, people need a referral in order to see a urologist. You can contact us here at Mohamed & Associates Urology if you want to learn more about this topic or if you’d like to inquire about our services.

We can tell you that when you come in for your initial visit with us, we’ll provide a complete consultation. Or if you bring in your child for a pediatric visit, the appointment will be more like a meet-and-greet so your child can get to know and trust the doctor!

Do you have a urology specialist near Oliver, NC?

Mohamed & Associates Urology has Dr. Adel Mohamed MD for the Oliver NC area and surrounding areas. Dr. Adel Mohamed is a genuine professional who’s very compassionate with his patients, including his younger patients! He can see patients of any sex or age, from children to seniors. The doctor accepts most major insurances. To learn more about the doctor, visit our Meet Our Doctor page.

Call us at (919) 335-8848 or book with us online if you’d like an appointment/meet-and-greet with the doctor. Our clinic is available to take your call Monday to Thursday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, and you’ll find us over at 507 N Brightleaf Blvd #205, Smithfield, NC 27577 (in the Johnston Medical Arts Pavilion Medical Building).

We look forward to your visit with us soon!