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4 Questions to Ask Your Urologist?

4 Questions to Ask Your Urologist?

Our urologists at Mohamed & Associates Urology Center in Smithfield, NC would be pleased to offer urology services and give answers to your questions. For more information, call us today or visit us online to book an appointment.

Urologist Near Me in Smithfield, NC
Urologist Near Me in Smithfield, NC

Table of Contents:

What services do urologists provide?
What happens at the urologist clinic?
When do I need to see a urologist?
Why is it necessary to see a urologist?

What services do urologists provide?

A urologist can not only prescribe medicine and offer behavioral training, but they can also provide a multitude of procedures either in-office or surgeries in hospital including:

A close-up look at your bladder and urethra with a special tool called a cystoscope.

Similar to cystoscopy, it allows them to look into the inside of your ureters and kidneys.

Prostate biopsy
Urologists remove tiny tissue samples from your prostate to test for cancer in a lab.

Nephrectomy is a surgery to remove a kidney to treat cancer.

Urologist cuts the tubes that carry your sperm to prevent pregnancy in women.

What happens at the urologist clinic?

You could have been referred to a urologist or you may have stumbled upon our urologist clinic by yourself. Urology specialists are great for taking a deeper look into any uncertain urological problems and being able to provide special treatment options that your primary care providers might not be able to.

When checking in, you may be asked for a urine sample for a urinalysis. Coming to your appointment with a full bladder is highly recommended. Any results that come from the lab about your urinalysis will give your doctor an inside look as to what is going on with your urinary system organs.

You may also be asked to fill out a questionnaire to describe your symptoms. Providing as much detail as possible is best to help equip your urologist with the complete information to help provide you with an accurate treatment plan moving forward.

Our urologist will perform a physical exam and discuss any findings with solutions thereafter. Depending on your symptoms, your urologist may recommend different treatments including medications, physical therapy, or even a surgical procedure.

Now is also the time to clarify any information or ask any questions you may have to your urologist as you both work together to decide what is best for you.

When do I need to see a urologist?

Urologists treat your urinary tract infections (UTIs), bladder issues, as well as kidney blockage, kidney cancer, and kidney stones.

Men might also see a urologist for:
– Erectile dysfunction
– Enlarged prostate gland
– Prostate cancer
– Testicular cancer

Women might also see a specialist for:
– Problems holding your pee after giving birth
– Pelvic organ prolapses

Children might see a urologist for:
– Abnormal urinary tract issue (ex. Bedwetting)

During your first appointment with a urologist, it may seem similar to a visit with your primary care provider. You will be asked to fill out forms and answer questions about your health history, current symptoms, and any medications you may take.

Our urologist will do a physical exam on you that includes a genital and rectal exam. As well, they may order blood work and/or imaging exams for an even closer look at your organs.

Your primary care doctor may be able to help treat mild urinary tract issues, but if your symptoms become more severe or do not go away, you will need to see a urologist.

Some of the signs you may need to see a urologist are:

– Blood in your urine
– Loss of bladder control
– Pain when you go pee
– Pain in your lower back, groin, or stomach
– Issues having or even keeping an erection
– Enlarge prostate
– Cancers in the urinary tract

Why is it necessary to see a urologist?

A urologist knows all about the urinary system, which includes your bladder, kidneys, ureters, and urethra. Urologists also help to treat a man’s reproductive system, which includes the penis, testicles, scrotum, and prostate.

If you are looking for help from our urologists, contact Mohamed & Associates Urology Center located at 507 N Brightleaf Blvd #205, Smithfield, NC 27577, and available by appointment only from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. We serve patients from Smithfield NC, Selma NC, Clayton NC, Princeton NC, Whitley Heights NC, Four Oaks NC, Pine Level NC and Kenly NC.